Rural Development Trust organises a leadership workshop for its Anantapur Sports Academy coaches
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Rural Development Trust (RDT) partnered with Lider Haz Go to empower coaches with leadership skills and other means of effective communication through a workshop, to help the coaches develop in a positive manner.

Two Spanish gentlemen Jorge Salinas and Luis Aoiz from Lider Haz Go, an organisation that conducts leadership training workshops, took time out during their visit to Anantapur to train the sports coaches at RDT’s Anantapur Sports Academy (ASA).

They primarily focussed on helping the coaches understand the importance of their roles in the development of the children they work with, and at the same time, to try todevelop their own leadership and communication skills, essential components of a good coach.

The emphasis was on the use of soft skills such as good listening, pro-active attitude, sensitivity and being protective towards their children while coaching the children. Jorge and Luis explained, “These skills, we feel, are most important to possess while working with children of this age group, children who are highly sensitive and possess mindsets that are very easily influenced by many factors that we adults normally would consider insignificant”.

Their workshop began by splitting the coaches into two groups. The coaches were then given a task to discuss about leadership, its importance and the qualities required for good leadership, along with sharing their own experiences, difficulties and issues faced. The coaches then presented their discussions to everyone as an open forum. During this presentation, the coaches spoke out one at a time. However, they realised that most of them had difficulty speaking in public and stage fright, something they needed to overcome.

The main highlight of this workshop was the PACK. The PACK is a reminder tool that was suggested by Luis and Jorge, which the coaches could use while at work with the children to showcase effective leadership skills. PACK stands for Purpose, Audience, Communication and Key elements, suggesting to the coaches that they need to know and understand their Purpose with their children, engage and gain complete attention of their Audience, effectively Communicate their message to their respective audience by summarising their sessions or their message by highlighting Key points, that will help their children to remember and learn better.

The workshop helped the coaches recognise their areas of improvement, and will be a stepping stone for them to become better leaders and communicators. Cricket coach Yugandhar Reddy said that, “We found this course very helpful and more such courses or workshops would help us greatly in building our confidence.”

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