Special Olympics strives to be inclusive for all
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Special Olympic World Games round table
Following the opening ceremony of the Special Olympic World Games, a round table gathered ambassadors from all over the globe as they justified the slogan “hosting the world”.

The strength of community and the idea of equality and equality brought from each participating country is united in one and the same desire: to create an equal world for everyone, because there is enough room for everyone - without fear, without prejudice and without stigma.

Sport is much more than a competition, as the European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli said.

"Sport has the power to break the barriers and inspire positive social change,” Dalli added.

Only 40% of low-and middle-income countries have education budgets designated for children with disabilities, a figure proving how urgent it is a new effort to increase inclusive practices to integrate students with intellectual disabilities. 

This reflects the magnitude and importance of this event, not only for people with disabilities but for society and the whole world.

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