Sport and SDGs case study: European Football for Development Network
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EFDN showcases and actively contributes to the implementation of the SDGs.

How does your organisation work toward achieving the SDGs?

EFDN showcases the SDGs: Visibility, explanations and advertisement on our communications channels (social media, website, newsletters, brochures, etc.)
EFDN vehicles the Global Goals: Offer and share knowledge/ good practices/ insights of SDGs’ integration process into the organisation’s management on the annual conferences as well as on the Online Platform.
EFDN actively contributes to the implementation of the SDGs: Partnerships discussions with the UNDP and the ILO to engage in a common long-term project.

Which specific goals do you target?

EFDN integrates Goal 3 in its daily activities by promoting sports and in particular football across Europe.

Goal 4-5-8-9-10-11 are challenged through our multiple Youth/Staff Exchanges and our Study Visits. Goal 17 refers to the creations of new opportunities and collaborations joining us, our members, our partners and all other interested sport organisations or universities into European Programmes. This is one of EFDN’s core occupations accordingly to its Network missions in the CSR -football industry.

What changes have you made to your work since the SDGs were introduced in January 2016? 

Since the publication, EFDN felt responsible and decided to promote the SDG’s to its members, partners and associated organisations. EFDN consequently connects its activities to specific Global Goals, to make stakeholders aware of the SDGs’ meaning, importance and outcomes.

Additionally, our members have been inspired by the SDGs too, and develop extremely interesting projects in line with specific local needs of their communities.

How is your organisation measuring progress?

We are monitoring and evaluating our programmes on a continual basis. Collecting quantitative (pre-/post-tests) and qualitative (interviews/ case studies) data allows EFDN to get direct feedback. These mix-methods produce objective acknowledgments of the programmes: positive and improvable aspects, outcomes and their impacts on community and individuals.

Moreover, EFDN collaborates with Substance which reinforces the quality of our reporting activities. Finally, this ensemble can be associated with an overall contribution and progress towards the sustainable development.  


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