sportanddev inspires CHRISC Kenya
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CHRISC Kenya recently formed a media team of young leaders to drive the coordination of regional communications across the country, an initiative led by Kennedy Njuguna, who was inspired by sportanddev

The impact of sportanddev

Before Christopher Middleton (former member of sportanddev's Operating Team) worked with Kennedy, he had no previous experience of writing for an audience interested in Sport & Development issues. “I improved my communication skills, but mostly, my writing skills. Writing articles on how sport can bring about change is something I had never done before," he said. 

The impact of sportanddev in the communities
CHRISC Kenya held trainings for community leaders, based on experiences with sportanddev, so they too could develop their own communication skills. “We gave everyone the opportunity to learn about communication through a workshop for leaders and I can see the difference in communication, any leader can now give you the correct information,“ said Kennedy. 

The formation of the new media team
The new media team will give regions ownership and responsibility of communicating their activities to the world. “We stared because I do not need to travel to another province like Eldoret, to write an article or take a picture, there are people capable here. The media team all have the same interests, so we know what we have to do.” Kennedy now manages CHRISC’s social media networks explaining that different social media is needed to target different groups in the media: “Some prefer articles, some prefer Twitter for short pieces of news.” 

Media training at EAC - the journey continues
Two members of the newly formed CHRISC Kenya Media Team are attending media training at East Africa Cup to develop their understanding of how to use the media to expose how their organisation is using sport to empower lives. 

Media trainee, Chrispin Omondi, from CHRISIC Kenya, decided to join the media training at East Africa Cup “because in our activities there is not enough media. I like to see the participants to be marketed and known worldwide so that maybe they can be sponsored for school or college,” he said.

Chrispin was previously a physio therapist.

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