sportanddev launch partnership with JSFD
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sportanddev are delighted to announce that we have agreed to a new partnership with JSFD to strengthen research and learning in sport and development.

sportanddev and the Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), reflecting their shared commitment to bolstering the field of sport and development through improved knowledge sharing, research, learning, advocacy and communications.

sportanddev is an open-access platform, providing content free of charge to those who need it the most. JSFD is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal which aims to advance, examine and disseminate evidence and best practices for programmes and interventions that use sport to promote development. Both organisations thus seek to democratise the production and consumption of knowledge.

sportanddev senior project manager, Paul Hunt, welcomed the partnership: “sportanddev and JSFD share similar values and this partnership enables us to increase access to research and learning in sport and development, ultimately contributing to improved policies, programmes and projects.”

The objectives of the cooperation are:

  • To increase the profile of sport for all, sport and development and physical activity;
  • To establish a stronger platform for research and education in sport and development, including providing greater access to such resources in order to strengthen policy and practice;
  • To be more innovative and productive for the benefit of partner organisations;
  • To increase advocacy and visibility for sport and development issues through a common voice and joint initiatives;
  • To support the sport and development activities of both parties in dealings with other governmental and non-governmental organisations; 
  • To promote cooperation, capacity building and implementation;
  • To search for synergies between the parties in using the resources of our networks.

As part of the partnership, sportanddev will share JSFD publications and news on a regular basis as part of its efforts to bridge the gaps between policy, research and practice. JSFD will support sportanddev in its efforts to provide a comprehensive set of research and learning resources to its diverse community. Both parties aim to increase equity, access and inclusion, as well as diversity, by ensuring that a range of resources and tools are available to practitioners and policymakers globally.

JSFD editor Richard Loat expressed JSFD’s enthusiasm for this partnership, saying: “This partnership will support both sportanddev and JSFD to continue bridging the gap between research and practice by disseminating evidence and best practice for all stakeholders involved in sport for development.’’

The partnership runs from 2021 to 2023, with both parties committed to jointly advocating for the use of sport in development and the need for robust, evidence-based policies and programmes.


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