sportanddev partner with Swedish Postcode Foundation
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sportanddev are delighted to launch a game-changing partnership with the Swedish Postcode Foundation to support the upgrade of our platform and efforts to reshape sport and development.
  • Partnership will support the upgrade of the sportanddev platform to better serve all actors in sport and development, including information in all official United Nations languages
  • Outcomes include: improved functionality, a comprehensive research and learning section, improved mapping of sport and development organisations and projects, and much more!
  • The Foundation has joined the sportanddev Steering Board as part of the partnership

The International Platform on Sport and Development (sportanddev) have formalised an agreement with the Swedish Postcode Foundation (SPF), which will contribute significantly to the platform’s goals to level the playing field and increase access, equity and inclusion in sport and development.

As part of this partnership, sportanddev will receive financial support from SPF to upgrade the existing sportanddev platform so that it better serves the needs of sport and development actors, including the global sportanddev community spread across 229 countries/territories. In a survey, 96% of respondents believed it was essential that the website should be rebuilt or upgraded.

This compliments our current campaign on reshaping sport and development to strengthen collaboration, coordination and impact of sport’s role in society, ensuring no one is left behind.

Secretary General of the Swedish Postcode Foundation, Marie Dahllöf, welcomed the partnership:

The sportanddev platform has been an important space for the global sport for development sector in facilitating collaboration and advocating the power of sport. As the sector recovers from the impacts of COVID-19 and looks to build a more resilient future, the role of sportanddev will become even more vital. At the Swedish Postcode Foundation, we believe that sport is an underutilised tool in tackling a range of social challenges and achieving the Global Goals and we are delighted to support sportanddev and the ongoing efforts to strengthen the global community of actors using sport as a vehicle to bring about positive social change.”

Overview of the partnership

The partnership supports a number of concrete activities and deliverables designed to democratise sport and development by increasing equity, access, inclusion and efficacy, especially for low- and middle-income countries and actors. This will be done through a phased project with each stage focusing on a different theme that will result in greater support and opportunities for all.

The project will include the following activities and stages:

  • Core website upgrade – improved functionality and user experience
  • Language accessibility - website available in all UN official languages
  • Research and learning – a dedicated section of resources
  • Spotlight on democracy and climate change in and through sport

This project also includes dedicated support for the massive open online course (MOOC) on Sport for Sustainable Development: Designing Effective Policies and Programmes, developed by sportanddev, the Australian government and the Commonwealth, including providing content in other languages.

SPF has also joined the sportanddev Steering Board as part of this partnership, joining a leading group of influential organisations that support and shape the strategic direction of sportanddev.

About the Swedish Postcode Foundation

SPF was established in 2007 and is a beneficiary of the Swedish Postcode Lottery. The Foundation has invested 1.7 billion SEK (circa 200 million USD) in over 800 projects, supporting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Sweden and internationally, that actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and create positive changes through concrete efforts

SPF has supported over 100 projects using sport for development both within Sweden and across the globe, providing direct project support, capacity building and advocacy.


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