Sports Day brings change in attitude of children at Khel Vikas
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The impact of Sports Day and how it has brought out a real change as more children engage in physical activity.

Sports Day is an event in the school year that every kid is excited about. Everyone loves to play, run and compete.

This is exactly how it is in the four Gram Vikas schools in rural Odisha, India. This annual event encourages all students to participate in different sporting activities. Sports day is a great opportunity for children to engage in and explore physical activity.

Over the last two months, all four Gram Vikas schools have been celebrating their annual Sports Days, which have seen a positive response from the schoolchildren.

Seeing it as an opportunity to participate in physical activity, children who were previously not engaged in any regular sporting activities took the liberty to sign up for different events.

All the students showed great spirit and camaraderie, and gave their best performances throughout the course of this annual event, regardless of their results.

At Khel Vikas, these annual Sports Days have now emerged as a major factor in breaking the barrier for many children previously unable or not wanting to participate in physical activity.

Participating in different events at the Sports Days has given them confidence to pursue sport on a regular basis.

This translates into greater engagement in regular physical activity through active participation in PE classes and after-school sports clubs, as students are showing greater involvement and interest.

Pro Sport Development's school sports coordinator, Sai Krishna Pulluru, is of the opinion that the Sports Day has brought out a significant change among these students. “The Gram Vikas schools' annual Sports Days not only serve as a tool for the children to participate in sporting activity but also enhance their attitudes towards long-term and sustainable physical activity. On the whole, it increases their confidence and team spirit, which are positive traits that they carry into other spheres of their lives."

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