Tools and Resources for working with Youth using Sport for Development
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Edgework Consulting have developed various tools and resources related to using sport to work with youth affected by complex trauma, which are now available on their website...

These tools vary from peer leadership to monitoring & evaluation, however we will focus on the resources which work with youth to use sport for development. These include:

The Power of Sports in Working with Youth Affected by Complex Trauma
The Power of Sports in Youth Development: Intentional Sports Programs as a viable means of supporting brain development in adolescents affected by complex trauma.

16 Games That Promote Conversations about Resilience
16 complete activity guides that describe, step-by-step, how to set up, lead and debrief each game. Many of these games may be familiar; however, each activity guide has been custom created to turn the games into powerful and engaging platforms for conversations about resilience, self efficacy and confidence.

Building Program Cultures that Empower and Heal
Based on research on resiliency and the recovering from trauma, this presentation explores how a youth program’s culture can serve as a powerful agent of behavior change and provide important healing outcomes for children and youth. Learn about 5 actions every youth program can take to build a strong, positive culture, that can serve as its own additional protective factor in the work you are doing to help children and youth grow, heal and develop.

“Do the Good”: A Ground-Breaking Curriculum Approach to Achieving Impact in Sports Programs (Especially for Youth Affected by Complex Trauma)
Edgework has created a truly ground-breaking curriculum approach that trains coaches, leagues and programs to actually embed the life skills they want their participants to learn inside the existing structure of their team and league. Edgework has built the platform to transform your entire league/program into a vehicle for positive youth development and behavior change. Results from a rigorous external evaluation concluded: "From the perspective of trauma-informed care, this program involves gold-standard adjunctive treatment delivered in a highly efficient fashion. The program stands alone as one of the few programs nationwide which can demonstrate such significant impacts with this population.

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Mail: Edgework Consulting, 24 Adams Street, Somerville, MA 02145
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