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Over the past few months we have been developing and designing our new website with our web agency partner Vardot. We're very happy to finally launch and be able to share this new version with you our Community!

The new website has had a brand new design applied with improved navigation and layout to make all sections more accessible for the Community. We've also changed the website structure for the content and information hosted on the platform to make it easier to find the information everyone is looking for.

This includes new website sections such as the Thematic Areas and Research & Learning - making it easier to access information about how sport is used in specific development areas as a force for good, and also to centralise all materials relating to the topics of Research and Learning, in sport and development.

Existing content such as News Articles, Events, Jobs, and Media, can now all be accessed using libraries that allow advanced search functionality including the use of filters across several new taxonomies we've introduced. We also have a new 'Calendar' view for events meaning our community are able to see upcoming events across a full month.

Our Interactive Map has been refreshed with further advancements to search for specific organisations across the globe and using our new taxonomies to filter the view based on the focus of each organisation including SDGs, Target Groups, Themes, Regions of impact, and Countries of impact.

Content from the 'old' sportanddev website has been moved across to our new website but we are aware there is still some content that needs to be moved and we will be prioritising this in the coming weeks. We will also be reviewing all 'old' content to make sure it is updated with our new taxonomies to ensure searching and filtering across the website is working effectively.


Upcoming Features

In addition to all of the changes to existing features of sportanddev, we've also developed several new features that we will release shortly.

  • Content in multiple Languages - sportanddev has historically had content available in both English and French but we're working to expand this to several new languages including Arabic and Spanish. All core written content in our About Us, Sport & Development, and Thematic Areas, will be translated into multiple new languages, and in the future we will look to translate popular News Articles.
  • Projects Directory - sportanddev currently stores and displays information about sport and development Organisations across the globe but we will soon be releasing our Projects Directory which will allow Organisations to display specific projects they deliver and support. This information will also be visible on the Interactive Map to see where the projects are active across the globe.
  • Communities of Practice - To improve collaboration and communication between individuals and organisations in sport and development, we will soon be releasing our new Communities of Practice where everyone can join and create new 'Groups'. These Groups will enable two-way communication and open discussions on any topics that our Community choose to create.
  • Online Courses - An enhancement to our new Research and Learning section, it will soon be possible to host learning courses online directly through the sportanddev platform. Here, sportanddev will host our own online courses and we will also be able to host courses on behalf of our partners.


Thank you to our partners!

The website upgrade forms a central component of our campaign Reshaping Sport and Development and we would like to say a big thank you to all of our partners and our Community for all of the support to date.

In particular, the Swedish Postcode Foundation have been a critical partner in the upgrade of the platform, alongside Vardot as our web design agency who have performed much of the heavy lifting to design and develop the new platform you see today.


We hope you find the new sportanddev website to be as exciting as much improved as we do and we welcome any feedback you would like to share. In future weeks we will share more information on specific areas, new features, and our future plans.


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