Why Boxing is Beneficial to Society
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Kinesiology student, Thomas Armstong, shares his views on the importance of boxing in today's society.

Boxing has a long history and tradition of being a poor “man’s” (or women’s) sport, unlike most sports where the prices to participate are high, boxing has always been a sport that supported the lower socioeconomic classes.

Boxing equipment is relatively inexpensive and equipment is often provided by the gym for those that need it. Memberships for gyms are a lot lower than your typical fitness gym. Boxing gyms often work with those who cannot afford memberships to come up with an alternative plan that fits their budget. Boxing trainers are known to put their gyms in a lower socioeconomic neighbourhood. This creates opportunities for the promotion of sport, fitness and health in areas that are not often exposed to these things. 

Trainers try to reform deviant youth and help troubled or disadvantaged ones.
This leads to boxing gyms having very strong youth or after-school programs. The programmes are created to get youth off the street and to channel their energy into something productive. Boxing and its trainers push values such as hard work, discipline and respect. Trainers strive to instill motivation and confidence into their athletes, and help them with goal making. These are skills and values that some youth may not have the chance to learn elsewhere and will help them not only to succeed in boxing but also in life. The boxing gym and trainer act as another family and support system. The boxing gym is a place where you will always be safe and supported.

Boxing is more than a sport it transcends all aspects of life and will help you succeed in any area you wish to pursue.
The trainers that promote and teach the sport are much more than another sports coach. They are a counselor, a support figure, a friend, and a role model. Boxing is of the oldest sports in the world, it has done so much for society. If boxing were to be banned that would put a lot more youth back on the streets and in situations that are a lot more dangerous than the safe and controlled boxing ring.

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