Youth are the key to national unity
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The endorsement of youth development by famous sport personalities makes a deeper impact. On this Youth Day, Kanu Nwanko, the renowned footballer, throws light on the need to drive youth development in Nigeria.

You don’t meet football legends like Kanu Nwankwo in the same shopping mall without the hand of fate. On August 10, in Haggai Sports Store in Lagos, I had the opportunity to meet Nigeria’s great footballer and tap into his wealth of wisdom. I agreed with him mostly that youth development is nation-building and is for anyone who desires to support a country’s unity and togetherness.

Kanu Nwankwo is the most decorated Nigerian player, and along with his teammates, he won an Olympic gold medal in 1996, affirming Nigeria as a great football nation. Coming from a humble background and having survived a heart problem at the peak of his career, Kanu, who also played for Arsenal, knows all about struggles, winning and success. Today, Kanu is still connected to his roots, supporting not just grassroots football, but a whole lot more with the Kanu Heart Foundation.

Watch a special message from Kanu Nwankwo.

On this International Youth Day, we must evaluate the impact of our individual and collective activities in order to engage youth meaningfully. We cannot afford not to care or to sit on the fence if our interest in national unity and survival is truly at heart. With close to 70% of the Nigerian population being youths, and them having an unemployment rate of about 35%, it is a ticking time bomb.

No one is too small to make a difference. Everyone can, in a small way or larger, support existing or create new programs and activities, gearing towards creating jobs, nurturing entrepreneurs, improving standards of living and access to education and skill development. These activities should be the central focus of every individual and organisation determined to drive youth development forward.

Support should not only be thought of as just money or financially. Moral support, encouragement, volunteering and participating in various programs, are major ways that can help us improve youth development, our society and the world at a large.

In our social media world, we can further communicate and spread the gift of attention, care and kindness as these are crucial for everyone who is willing to create a better world.

At Turf Season, our goal is to transform lives with education and career opportunities and we gladly celebrate with the youths all over the world on International Youth Day, August 12.


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