Altropallone Asd Onlus's Biography
Non-profit organization that carries out projects, communication and awareness campaigns using sport as an educational and social tool. We work in Italy and in the World promoting integration, equal opportunities, and fighting against all kinds of discrimination.

Sport is a common language that anyone can speak, it's a tool that unites and knows no limits.
Altropallone uses sport as social-educational language, to promote multiculturalism as a tool for social cohesion and urban integration, promoting cooperation projects both  nationally and internationally. With a wide experience in the use of sport as a tool for social integration and peace, we promote interventions on the social-sporting issues related youth aggregation, education to sports for a healthy life, protection of the environmentand the common good, thanks to collaboration with local organizations.

Main topics:
#Youth Policies;
#Equal opportunities;
#Fair trade

Organisation History:
In 1997 the "Altropallone prize" was born, now in its twentieth edition, which every year is given to those who, in the world of sport, but not only, have worked in solidarity actions to protect the most disadvantaged categories. The Award Jury is made up of journalists, operators in the world of information and voluntary work, to which the winners are added each year.
In 1998 the first edition of the "AltriMondiali/Other World Cup" was created, a campaign to raise awareness every 4 years, following the moment of the World Cup, proposing the realization of events in which sport emerges, and football in particular, as a universal social language to the end to counter the most negative aspects of the event.
In 2004 the association was born to carry on projects and campaigns in Italy and in the world.

Main projects:

  • Sport & Agriculture for young development (Kenya)
  • ELYS: Educational Labs for European Young Supportes (Europe - 15 countries)
  • TR4ST - The Rules for Sport Talents (Italy, Hungary, Turkey) 
  • Slums Sport (Kenya, Mathare/Kisumu)




Project Manager
Project Manager - Coordinator

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Contact Information

Non-profit / NGO

Via Giulia e Corrado Venini, 34
20127 Milano MI


Focus Areas

Latin America and Caribbean
Youth development
Economic development
Child safeguarding
Football (Soccer)
Target group
Girls and women
Displaced Persons