AMANDLA Social Enterprises's Biography
AMANDLA Social Enterprises is the founder of the Safe-Hub model. Our mission is to create safe spaces that combine the power of sport and education to empower youth and change lives.

Safe-Hub, endorsed by the United Nations, the German Presidency and Michelle Obama, is a globally recognized, award-winning platform that uplifts communities and develops young people’s potential, on and off the sports pitch. A Safe-Hub is a world-class infrastructure that consists of an artificial turf sports field connected to community buildings. It provides a physically and emotionally safe space where young people can access services, opportunities and support through sports and services that focus on personal development, health, digital education, employability, and entrepreneurship.

Since its founding in Cape Town in 2007, Safe-Hub has worked with 30+ high-caliber partners to reach over 150,000 young people throughout South Africa, Germany, and the United States with a Social Return on Investment of 580%, effectively reducing inequality and increasing social mobility on a global scale.



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Contact Information

Non-profit / NGO

302 Salt Circle
19 Kent Street
Cape Town
South Africa

Focus Areas

North America
Youth development
Economic development
Child protection
Football (Soccer)
Target group