Dana Cup Hjørring's Biography
International Youth Soccer Tournament in Denmark.
More than 1.000 teams from 45 nations each summer - united to play the beautiful game of football.


1. Dana Cup will be the world's best and most international youth soccer tournament, where quality is at the highest level within every area.

2. Dana Cup will always accommodate absolute equality in terms of race, gender, social and cultural.

3. Dana Cup will unite young soccer players, their families and friends in a perfect and safe environment, which offers the biggest soccer and social experience. In all areas, we must sustain the highest level of quality to ensure that our guests return year after year.

4. Dana Cup will be a tournament with our guests in the center and marked with intimacy both on and off the playing field.

5. Dana Cup will always be ready for improvements and open to change.


At the Dana Cup you will meet an experienced organization with flexible, professional and cooperative employees who are always ready to listen to and meet your expectations.

Service minded
At the Dana Cup we place every guest in the center. We act quickly, professionally and with a smile to ensure their enjoyment.

Peace of mind
We create peace of mind by running a well-organized Dana Cup with a dependable organization in a small local community.

We strive constantly to create a passion for soccer, unity and friendships.

World class
Our experience and strong organization create an international youth soccer tournament that is world-class.


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Contact Information

Non-profit / NGO

Børge Christensens Vej 5
9000 Hjørring

45 98 91 13 00

Focus Areas

Football (Soccer)
Target group
Girls and women