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Sports for Social Impact seeks to explore and educate on the power that sport has to create a positive impact on society.

Specifically looking at sport policy and how we can use  programs and policies for maximum impact. The hope is that these conversations and ideas will help achieve the maximum benefit of sport in our society.

Sports for Social Impact believes in quality sport and recreation programs that are inclusive and accessible to all in society to benefit from. Sports are for everybody and everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of it.​

Sports have a huge capacity to do good in our society. Harnessing that power and optimizing it to make the biggest impact possible is what we hope to discover.

Some of the ways that sport can have an impact are through social inclusion, international development, helping achieve the SDGs, climate change, and many others. We plan to explore how sport can be used to create a meaningful impact, and some of the challenges that we are faced with when trying to make an impact. Sports can also have a social impact in small ways. It can help people live healthier and more active lives, help them with their mental health and help people make friends and meet new people. There is no one right way that sports to have a positive impact.


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David Thibodeau
AB T2R 1S4

[email protected]

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