UNESCO ICM's Biography
The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (Category 2 Centre, Social and Human Sciences Sector) strives to contribute to a well-being and cohesive humanity through martial arts.
  1. Research and Knowledge Sharing

  • Promote research on martial arts about the role of martial arts in cultivation of peace and reconciliation, development of youth, prevention of violence, health and social impacts, and the role of women in martial arts
  • Encourage martial arts research by young martial arts experts

2. Capacity Building

  • Organize martial arts camps
  • Operate martial arts open schools
  • Host seminars and academic meetings
  • Arrange martial arts youth rallies

3. North-South Cooperation

  • Engage sub-Saharan Africa youth in martial arts activities
  • Develop projects based on research results

4. Clearing House on Martial Arts

  • Manage a documentation centre (collect materials, manage website, publish periodic information, support library and museum operation, organize festivals and expos)
  • Produce a world traditional martial arts compendium and glossary for youth

5. Safeguarding Traditional Martial Arts


Programme Specialist
Muganyi Silman Kasozi

Organisation contributions

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Contact Information

Non-profit / NGO

ICM Office 1
Chungju City
South Korea

+82 43 845 8864