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This evaluation assesses the impact of the HIV/AIDS Education Programme in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe launched by the Grassroot Soccer Foundation (GRSF). The goal of the programme was to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS by training adult soccer players to educate at-risk youth about HIV/AIDS.

The programme has been implemented in nine schools of Bulawayo, targeting 7th grade students who are at-risk for AIDS by virtue of the HIV epidemic in their community. Fourteen locally and nationally known soccer players, recognized role models for these students, were trained to be educators for the programme.

The evaluation assesses the programme's impact on student knowledge, self-efficacy beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions of social support; assesses the degree to which the changes observed as a result of the programme were sustained over a 5-month period; and determines student and teacher opinions about the programme and their ideas about programme improvement.

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