Identifying key barriers to women's leadership within sport.

The study identifies key barriers to women’s leadership within sport. It also pro­vides insights and recommendations for future actions, training, reporting mech­anisms for gender-based discrimination and research.

Key Findings

  1. In contrast to widespread assumptions, women are highly interested in leadership positions
  2. Women deem sports knowledge and soft skills as key prerequisites for success in leadership
  3. Structural discrimination limits women’s access to and success in positions of leadership
  4. There is a high risk of women quitting leadership roles due to unsupportive environments
  5. Gender-based discrimination is prevalent in sport and is appears in a variety of forms
  6. Men in leadership roles frequently struggle to identify gender-based discrimination
  7. Whilst women are fairly confident in their leadership abilities, men are more likely to perceive women as lacking in relevant skills
  8. Strong interpersonal skills and resilience are needed to navigate an unsupportive environment
  9. Existing support structures and career pathways for women are inadequate
  10. Reporting mechanisms for gender-based discrimination rarely exist and are insufficient

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