In Guiding Toolkits, users can find information, guides, tools, and advice, on the practical implementation and the 'how to' of sport for development projects and programmes.

The Toolkits cannot aim to be exhaustive in providing all materials, tools and guides on creating and managing programmes, considering the abundance of project management, capacity building, monitoring & evaluation (M&E), partnership, etc. resources that exist online and in print. It rather aims to identify and provide access to tools and resources specific to sport and development practice.

At times the Toolkits goes further to provide information and other materials from business management as well as from mainstream development practice that can be applied to the sport and development context. 

The Guiding Toolkits section aims to provide users interested in sport and development practice with a ‘gateway’ to access further practical and detailed information for specific aspects of conceiving, conducting and learning from sport and development programmes.

The Toolkit section is structured to provide practical and targeted information for practitioners, current and prospective donors, and other stakeholders in areas concerning the planning, implementation and review of sport and development programmes.

As the Toolkit section is designed to provide guidance and advice on the practical aspects of sport and development, the style and wording here appears largely prescriptive.

As with any material that aims to provide advice, users are urged to read and consider the information from a critical standpoint, bearing in mind the need to find relevance and applicability of this information to the diversity of sport and development contexts. Material provided in this section is meant to assist and guide rather than imply that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ style of approach to sport and development is necessary or desirable.

Photo by Jesse Orrico


The Toolkit section has been developed from the Toolkit Sport for Development, originally created by NCDO and further developed by NIF and UK Sport. A number of organisations and institutes contributed to the Toolkit – their information and credits are provided throughout the Toolkit section.