03 Jan 2023
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In this section you will find links to resources including videos, online lessons, case studies and other educational materials. These tools can be incorporated into existing sport and development programmes, or serve as inspiration for new teachers and coaches. Athletes looking to improve their skills can also benefit from materials.


Sikana provides a variety of sport-related videos including basic lessons for beginners as well as innovative ideas for improving skills. Their mission is as follows:

“Sikana’s mission is to inspire and help every individual to lead a fulfilled, independent and dignified life. To do this, we produce video lessons to share practical skills. All our programmes are made in collaboration with experts, and are available in multiple languages, anytime, for free.”


Sport for Tomorrow/Japan Anti-Doping Agency

As part of Japan’s efforts to ensure the Tokyo 2020 Olympics create a meaningful legacy named Sport for Tomorrow, the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) has created an education package to encourage fair play and clean sport. The website includes lesson plans, example courses and universally accessible videos that focus on playing fair and values of sport.


Let Kids Be Kids

The Let Kids Be Kids campaign developed by Play by the Rules highlights the importance of constructive encouragement from coaches and parents in youth sport. It provides several resources to facilitate positive sideline behaviour, including videos, articles and infographics.