Experience shows that three steps are necessary in order to improve organisational capacity for sport and development programmes:

  1. Assessment: what are your current capacities, what are the capacities of your organisation and how does the broader system function? Compare this with the capacities you need to realise your mission and aims.
  2. Implementation of capacity-building measures: develop and implement programmes & activities to bridge the gap between where you stand now and where you want to go.
  3. Evaluation: Ask yourself did you achieve what you aimed for?


Learning example: The Royal Dutch Hockey Bond (KNHB)
The Royal Dutch Hockey Bond (KNHB) trained about 100 South African hockey coaches in an unprecedented joint project with the South African Hockey Association (SAHA). The process of trial and error proved to be quite successful. The KNHB evaluated the efforts and shares lessons learned.


Toolbox Participatory Capacity Building
This is a practical toolbox for internal or external facilitators of capacity building in NGOs. The tools can be used to assess an organisation's capacity and to plan for strategic and innovative directions for organisational improvement.


Photo by Jesse Orrico