How can sports activities resume as restrictions begin to ease?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sportanddev received a range of articles from organisations illustrating the myriad of ways in which the pandemic has impacted the sporting world and the sport and development sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every facet of life as we know it, and the sporting world is no different. In this historic section, we asked how sporting activities should resume once the lockdown restrictions began to ease, while still maintaining the highest level of health and safety?


How should sporting activities be resumed while still maintaining the highest level of health and safety?

Adaptation and innovation

How sport and development activities have adapted to the changed environment.

Commonwealth Moves: Adapting to COVID-19

Find out how the Commonwealth has helped community sport to adapt to the current reality.

Guidance on return to activity

Find out how sporting activities can be resumed while maintaining health and safety

Policy resources, guidelines and recommendations

Guidance and commentary on how policies can adapt to the new normal

Prevention and containment measures

Guidance on how the sporting world can move forward

Programme resources, guidelines and recommendations

What does the future of this sector look like in a post-pandemic world?

Support and assistance packages

How is assistance being offered by larger donors and sporting organisations?