03 Jan 2023
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This section aims to provide an introduction to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) together with suggested further reading, tools and guidance. The section focuses mainly on monitoring and evaluation in the development context, and draws from experience and resources generated by other sectors where this can be applied to sport and development.

There are a dauntingly vast number of resources, tools and support materials available on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the development and humanitarian response sectors. For the specific area of sport and development this is not necessarily the case.

The purpose of this section is twofold:

  • To provide an overview of the current priorities in M&E within the sport and development context;
  • To act as a gateway to the key resources and tools on M&E relevant to sport and development interventions.

This section therefore is not to be considered exhaustive in including all tools and resources available on M&E in sport and development interventions but rather as a starting point for further information and support regarding M&E in sport and development.

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This section was developed in partnership with the Swiss Academy for Development (SA4D)