In this section, you can download several 'stand alone tools' that may be of use in identifying potential partners and initiating a collaborative relationship. A brief description of each tool is provided below. The tools can be downloaded as a PDF or Word file by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.

Partner Assessment Form
For a partnership to be successful it is important that there is a good fit between the potential partners with their goals and needs. This tool is designed as a prompter to enable those creating a partnership to ask systematic questions to help determine if there is a good fit. It is designed as a starting point for exploring a relationship.

Coherence Assessment Questionnaire
This tool flags up the key questions partners should ask to identify their own and each other's intentions, attitudes and commitment to the partnership.

Sample Partnering Agreement
This tool offers a simple template for initial partnering agreements. It covers details of the partner organisations, statement of intent, structures and procedures, resources, the approach to reviewing the partnership and any caveats.

Partnering Roles and Skills Questionnaire
This tool is a questionnaire designed for individuals involved in partnerships to assess their own partnering skills. It can be used by the partners as a group or as a tool for enabling partners to recognise which specific skills may need to be brought in from outside the partnership.

Guidelines for Partnering Conversations
This tool allows partners to explore in more detail the importance of creative conversation as a basis for good partnerships.

Partnership Review Template
This is designed as a tool for reviewing the partnership to assess whether it is achieving the goals/expectations of the individual partner organisations. It acts more as a 'health check' of the partnership rather than a comprehensive review.

Case Study Template
This tool provides a simple format for collecting case study material with a view to disseminating the experience of the partnership.

Communications Checklist
This tool gives a list of suggestions about potential audiences, communications options and potential messages for partnership stories.

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