03 Jan 2023
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This section provides tips and resources to support individuals and organisations in designing, implementing and measuring sport and development policy.

Because circumstances vary so dramatically between and within countries, the way that sport and development policies are created vary. Among other things, the process will depend on financial resources available, the current socioeconomic challenges a country faces, the government’s previous involvement in sport and development and which departments are responsible for sports policy. 

Nonetheless, a number of key principles exist that can be used and adapted in different contexts. This toolkit aims to:

  • Provide an overview of the key principles

  • Act as a gateway to the key resources and tools on designing, implementing, monitoring and communicating sport and development policy

The toolkit will be most relevant to sport and development policymakers. However, it aims to also be useful to other people who would like to get a broader understanding of the policy landscapes, and it also contains resources and advice that are relevant to other contexts such as programme design.

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