IGI Global defines democracy as “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” Good governance and human rights in a democracy are highly relevant in this conversation.

The concept of sport and democracy can be explored as democracy in sport, democracy through sport, and the intersectionality across these concepts.

For example, sport and democracy may look at sports as an incubator for ideals - including a space where citizens have an equal chance to voice opinions. Team sports can provide an environment that helps create future citizens who are grounded in the values of teamwork, which is essential for advancing democracy.

Sports can also be used as an agent of unity, especially so in diverse communities and countries.

Sport and democracy can see individuals in an undemocratic society advocating for democracy in sport activities or arenas. It can also be examined through the concept of good governance and hierarchies in sport.

The aim of this section is to lay out some of the expectations, targets and outcomes related to activity conducted at the intersection of sport and democracy, and to demonstrate the positive impact of using sports as a medium for social upliftment, dignity and democratic governance. 

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