Find out about the Global Refugee Forum and how you can make a commitment toward the Joint Pledge on Sport.
  1. What is the Global Refugee Forum (GRF)?

The Global Refugee Forum (GRF) is the world’s largest international gathering on refugees, taking place in Geneva every four years since 2019. It brings together the international community to demonstrate solidarity, share good practices and announce concrete pledges to improve the lives of refugees and their host communities.

It is one of the ways through which the international community contributes to the aims outlined in the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR). The GCR is an international framework that promotes international solidarity and responsibility sharing of refugees, ensuring that refugees and host communities get the support they need so that refugees can lead productive lives, access services and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

More information can be found on the Global Refugee Forum 2023 website and you can read the Global Compact on Refugees here.

  1. How can my organisation attend the GRF?

The Forum is an in-person event convened for all United Nations Member States together with relevant stakeholders.  A livestream of the plenary sessions will be made available for those who wish to follow the event.

  1.  What is the Joint Pledge on Sport for Inclusion and Protection?

The Joint Pledge on Sport for Inclusion and Protection represents a shared understanding on the different ways in which sport can contribute to improved lives for refugees and the communities that host them. Developed by a multistakeholder reference group from the sport sector and beyond, this pledge presents a shared conviction that sport is and can make further substantial contributions to better futures for some of the most marginalized people on earth.

Read more here and take action.

  1. Why should my organization join the Joint Pledge on Sport?

By committing towards the Joint Pledge on Sport, you can make a direct contribution to improving the lives of refugees and host communities, the implementation of the GCR and the Agenda 2030 principle of Leaving No One Behind.

Your commitment will be visible on the GRF website and can be noticed by other stakeholders interested in collaboration. Successes related to multi-stakeholder pledges and specific commitments will be highlighted at the next GRF in 2027.

  1. How can my organization make a commitment toward the Joint Pledge on Sport?

Step 1: Identify which one or more of the pledging areas align with the work that your organization is planning between now and the next GRF in 2027

Step 2: Develop a commitment towards the Joint Pledge under one or more of the five pledge commitment areas:

  1. Promotion of environments, including policy, that enable protection, inclusion and self-reliance of refugees;
  2. Promoting inclusive and safe sport and play based initiatives for refugees;
  3. Promoting and providing opportunities for enhanced skills and pathways in and through sport;
  4. Use of targeted communication, evidence and advocacy;
  5. Strengthening partnerships and coordination efforts.

Step 3: Register your organisation's commitment on the Global Compact on Refugees online portal (here) and via the Joint Pledge on Sport commitment form (here).

Step 4: Contribute to a collective voice about the role of sport in the context of forced displacement by providing updates about the progress of your Pledge.

For more information on how to make a contribution to the Joint Sport Pledge, read our Guidance Note here.

  1. What is the Sport for Refugees Coalition?

The Sport for Refugees Coalition (SfRC) is a global movement focused on improving the lives of displaced people through sport. As a pledging entity, your organization is welcome to join the Coalition. Learn more about the SfRC here.

As a member of the SfRC, you will have the possibility to share and gain insights into how sport can contribute to improve the lives of refugees and being part of a collective voice highlighting the positive role sport can play in displacement.

  1. Key resources to take action

If you have any further questions, please use the contact form below. The Sport for Refugees Coalition will get back to you shortly.


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